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SSPECS stands for "System Specifications".

The official SSPECS logo

Add/Edit System Specifications

"sspecs setup" & "sspecs edit"

Screenshot that demonstrates sspecs setup and sspecs edit command.

Show System Specifications 

"sspecs show"

Screenshot that demonstrated sspecs show command.

Invite other gamers to your current voicechannel

"sspecs lfg"

Screenshots that demonstrated sspecs lfg command.

All you need to know

sspecs setup => Your initial setup of your SSPECS profile. You can add hardware + a picture of your setup.

sspecs edit => Edit one or more parts of your SSPECS profile.

sspecs show => Show your SSPECS profile to other Discord users in the channel.

sspecs delete => Delete your SSPECS profile. This can not be undone. A new setup is required after your profile has been deleted.

sspecs lfg => Generates an invite link to the voice channel you are currently in. Requires users to have a 'LFG' role on the discord server.

sspecs invite => Get a discord invite link so that you can add SSPECS to your own discord server.

You can use "sspecs" or "sspecs help" to get this list of commands on discord ;)

Your SSPECS profile is linked to your Discord user ID. This means that you can show/setup/edit and delete your SSPECS profile on any discord server that has the SSPECS bot on any device. We will continue to invest in additional storage, bandwidth and performance as our user-base increases.

Once you enter a command, our bot will guide you threw every step of your initial setup or edits via DM's ( to avoid bot chat spam in public channels ). There is no discord knowledge required in order to interact with our bot. The bot asks a question and you simply answer it.

Our bot requires limited discord server permissions so there is absolutely no safety risk. There are no moderator/administrator permissions needed in order to use our bot. A user can only add a picture url that ends with .gif, .png or .jpg. Users that abuse our bot with inappropriate content can get reported via our contact form and will be banned from using SSPECS commands on all Discord servers.

You can also use all commands via DM to SSPECS directly in case you want to setup/edit/show your profile privately. Other uses can also not request to see your profile. Only you can show it with the "sspecs show" command. You can delete your profile at any time with the "sspecs delete" command.

Does the bot scan my hardware?
No. The bot will ask you to name every piece of hardware during the setup. You have to add your setup/rig manually ;)

How do you protect my privacy?
Only you can setup/edit and show your SSPECS profile. Other users can not request your saved data in any way. If you never show your profile to others, they won't even know you have a profile. At any time you can delete all data saved by using the "sspecs delete" command.

Do I have to complete the setup proces on every server?
No. Your data is linked to your Discord ID. Once you completed setup, your profile can be shared on any discord that has SSPECS on it.

I added a picture link, but it doesn't show in my SSPECS profile.
You most likely didn't use a direct image link. A direct image link ends with .jpg/.gif or .png.
Feel free to join our support server if you need help with adding the picture to your profile.

For some reason I can't seem to be able to use the "sspecs lfg" command.
The LFG feature isn't enabled by default and requires the "LFG" role is because many server owners don't want to add this feature by default.
- SSPECS bot requires the "Create invitations" permission. Only a server administrator can grant this permission.
- A server administrator needs to add the "LFG" role  and a way for users to get the role in order to enable this feature for their users.
- A discord user requires the "LFG" role in order to use this feature.